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Uncle Sam's Slogan, We want you T-Shirt -

The Uncle Sam poster with the phrase " I want You " was created in 1917 as a recruitment poster for the American Armed forces at the start of World War 1.

The image of the character of Uncle Sam was created in 1812 and was modeled after Samuel Wilson.

Smart Prints Ink carries T-Shirt with the slogan "We want you".

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American Indian, Indian Chief, Native American -

Native Americans or Indian Americans were native to the United States arriving to the continent some 15,000 years ago. They arrived via the Bering Strait land bridge between Asia and the North American continent. The feathers, often adorn the Native Americans, symbolizes trust,honor, strength,wisdom,power, and freedom. The feather is a symbol from above like the eagle,see farther than all birds. The Chieftain or leader of a tribe often wore the most feathers as a crown of respect and bravery.

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Bear, Cute Panda, Panda Bear -

The Panda Bear or Giant Panda Bear is native only to south central China. While the Panda is carnivores, they prefer bamboo shoots as 95% of their diet along with wild grasses,birds,eggs, and fish. Pandas are on the conversation reliant vulnerable species list. Along with Dragons, Pandas are a symbol of China representing peace and strength as a spiritual Animal.

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Chef, Cooked Octopus, Octopus T-Shirt -

Octopus meals are very popular in Greece, Tunisa, and Japan. Octopus meal is different than Calamari. Calamari is more tender and more expensive. Octopus Meals are often cooked and served with salad, potatoes, and green beans. Red Wine is also used as a tenderizer and served with the meal.

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Hot-Rod, Rat Fink T-Shirt -

Rat Fink is a hot-rod character created by Ed"Big Daddy"Roth in the 1960s. He was to symbolize the custom of the hot-rod automobile culture growing in 1963. He was the anti-hero to Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse.

He is portrayed in art as green or grey monster rat with bulging  red eyeballs,oversized mouth with sharp narrow teeth with overalls with RF on his shirt.

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was an illustrator, cartoonist, and custom car designer who created Rat Fink, brother Rat Fink, and Mr. Gasser. All become iconic and hobby kits in 1963 by Revell. Roth passed away in 2001.

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