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Jay Bird T-Shirt -

Jay Birds are the most colorful members of the Crow Family. There a native to United Kingdom and Scotland. They dwell in both deciduous and coniferous trees. Jay Birds are know for their acorn feeding habits burying them in the fall and eating them in the winter.

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Climate Jutice, Global Warming -

The long-term rise of Earth's  average Temperature is referred to Global Warming.The Average temperature has been increasing from 2-4 degrees in the past 100 years as result of an increase in Carbon Dioxide.

The largest contributor to the increase of Carbon Dioxide or greenhouse gasses have been humans in burning of fossil fuels.

The effects of Global Warming have already taken affect in increase sea levels, extreme weather patters such as more frequent heat waves, hurricanes, and expansion of deserts.


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NASA, Space Science, t-shirt -

NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was established in 1958 under the Eisenhower Administration. It was to establish a Government civilian agency for the advancement of Space Science and exploration.

NASA lead the way for satellite deployment, Manned missions such as the Mercury,Gemini, Apollo missions, and the unmanned probes to the planets in our solar system.

NASA motto is "For the benefit of all" as all missions are done for peace the advancement of Science.

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Red Wine, Thanksgiving, Turkey -

Thanksgiving is a national Holiday celebrated in The United States and Canada and some Caribbean Islands.

It's celebrated in November to be a day of harvest and thanks for the gift of food. The Tradition started with the Pilgrims and Indians around 1621.

The first food ate by the Pilgrims and Indians was a meal of Turkey. The Turkey is native to North America and became the traditional meal for Americans.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday.

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Geometry, Mandala -

A Geometric Mandala is a Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainism representing the Universe. The word, "Mandala" means circle in Sanskrit. The Geometric shape is represented by a square with four gates in a circle. The purpose is to enlighten minds with wisdom and transform the ordinary mind to assist and heal the body. Mandalas are meant to reflect the need for balance,perfection, and eternity.

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