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Octoberfest is celebrated from late September to early October. The event celebrates the fall harvest for beer and food. Octoberfest started in Munich, Germany in 1810 and now is celebrated all over the world in traditional fairs of food,music, and costumes.

Many breweries hold traditional competition for the best tasting beer.


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Vampires are from folklore mythical undead creatures that live only at night to feed on the blood of the living. While their are real Vampire Bats in Central and South America, the Vampire of legend is European legend is said to  look human but feed on other human's for blood as it's essence for life.

The modern Vampire reached it's most influential with the release of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" novel in 1897,and provided the bases of modern vampire lore.

Smart Prints Ink has vampires for men and women.



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Halloween is coming October 31.

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This August 23-25,  a fun 3 day event with a lot of attendees. Gaming, Art, Cosplay, Music, Workshops, AMV Contest, E-Gaming, Karaoke and Tabletop Gaming, all together in an intimate convention, allowing you to enjoy live music, great panels, and shopping the coolest stuff.

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... That's why we bring you here 6 of our Official Licensed Movies that will make you go back in time.

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